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Jet Card Europe

Jet Card Europe provides you with 25 hours or more of flight time for a single, up-front payment and unlocks access to over 1,000 airports in Europe and unlimited use of our extended fleet worldwide.

The Jet Card is available in three cabin sizes - Light, Medium and Large - with no hidden fuel or airport surcharges.

Jet Card Europe offers flexibility, complete transparency in pricing and the highest level, personalised service. With Jet Card Europe, you can fly any day, any time and to and from any airport across Europe.

For more information on Jet Card Europe please contact the Avolus Team on:
Telephone: +44 (0)207 978 6506
Email: jetcard@avolus.com

Becoming a Jet Card Europe member

Simply purchase a jet card for 25 or 50 hours and the hourly rate will be deducted from your Jet Card Europe credit balance.

Avolus guarantee aircraft availability:

  • 48 hours' notice with the purchase of a 50 hours
  • 72 hours' notice with the purchase of a 25 hours1
  • No premiums on aircraft interchange
  • Unlimited simultaneous usage of multiple aircraft
  • Same-day returns and tours attract a 15% discount
  • Monthly hourly statement will be provided by email
  • Refund of unused credit at any time, for any reason2

1 A limited number of pre-defined Peak Days will require 7 days' advanced notice. Availability in London, UK is not guaranteed during the London Olympics (25th July - 14th August 2012).
2 Subject to an administrative fee of 10% of the unused credit


Jet Card Europe provides complete transparency with pricing.

Straight-forward pricing, in one payment which is deducted at every flight. The planned flight time is 'wheels up to wheels down' including six minutes taxi time at each end of the flight.

There are no positioning costs, no monthly management and no fuel or airport surcharges, as long as you fly within the Service Area or to/from the Special Destinations from/to the Service Area.

When you purchase your Jet Card, your flight credit never expires. The hourly rates are determined by the cabin size requested and updated annually.

Service Area

Albania Greece Poland
Austria Hungary Portugal
Belgium Ireland Romania
Bosnia Italy Serbia
Croatia Liechtenstein Slovakia
Czech Republic Luxembourg Slovenia
Denmark Macedonia Spain
Finland Malta Sweden
France Netherlands Switzerland
Germany Norway UK

Special Destinations (Must fly to or from the Service Area)

Abu Dhabi Kaliningrad Simferopol
Almaty L'Viv Sofia
Casablanca Marrakech St Petersburg
Chisinau Minsk Tallinn
Dubai Moscow Tel Aviv
Istanbul Odessa Vilnius
Kiev Riga